Beyond the Fabric

HaMizgaga-Museum of Glass, Nahsholim-July 2020

Closing: Saturday, 10.10.2020

Curator: Bracha Zilberstein

Weiss's solo exhibit consists of both a series of abstract sculptures of human images and fragments of sculpture relating to the female experience. The cold and hardness of the glass are seen in contrast to the softness and warmth of the feminine.

In the series “the abstract figures“ the glass asks us to peek into the depth of mankind as light penetrates the transparent and the dim textured areas, challenging us to a deeper look into the uniqueness and strength of man.

The “blouse”, a feminine article of clothing made of thin fabric transforms in the artist hands to a firm and stable one made of glass. Freezing the beauty of the fabric, the array of folds and the shirt’s hems encourage us to delve into the meaning of feminine symbolized by the soft blouse. We question who wore the blouse, what sort of body was beneath it. Casting the feminine fabric is significant and connects us with Classical statues of stone and clay, in which fabric folds spill and cling naturally to the body and hint of wholeness and the ideal feminine body.

In the series “knots in frame” the artist deepens and tests the limits of different fabric types. Different ties, tight or weak knots, unravelling , tearing, choking, all are an analogy for human relationship..

In the series “inhibitions in a frame” the artist uses high-heeled shoes as a totem. Typically high -heeled shoes symbolize a type of empowerment over inhibition, sexuality versus violence, whereas here they depict feminism and a unique artistic expression.